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Welcome to Tool No. 1 of Self-Management of Consultation and Purchase of TRAVEL and TOURISM Services around the world ...

with which you will enjoy Business Trips, Tourism or “Bleisure” absolutely Complete and Unique as it has been for more than 21 years.

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This Web Tool for Self-Management of Consultation and Purchase of Travel and Tourism Product Offers is available to communicate with you in 24 different languages ​​for your convenience, which allows us to count today with "PERMANENT AMBASSADORS" who, like you, They acquire our Services in more than 90 Countries of the Planet, also having a very Modern and Efficient "24 x 7" Multi-Language Help Desk Service, which is Exclusive for our Web Buyers, and which will allow you to Manage Quickly and Timely, all your possible needs for Modification, Addition, Change or Cancellation of Your Reservations and Services acquired by it.

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All the Services that we present to you, you can acquire in the most comfortable way possible through our Secure Payment Platform or POS (Virtual Point of Sale) with 256-Bit Encryption Protocol of Banking Environment, in addition to having for your convenience, with a very practical Converter in more than 60 Currencies which will allow you to easily know the equivalent amount to pay in your own currency.

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SUNEMBASSY.COM is an International Travel and Tourism Services Company owned by Grupo vKB, S.A. which is absolutely committed to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and what it represents, which is why our Actions have always been governed by the same concepts of Honesty, Quality, Simplification, Modernity and Uniqueness since our inception, and those that today allow us not only to be observed and held as one of the Most Serious and Responsible Service Providers in the World, but to continue generating in you, the greatest possible Confidence, by being able to fully understand all your precautions, and therefore put that special Emphasis on that our Travel Makers can, from the very beginning, provide you with the greatest possible support and with the greatest clarity in all the information and processes that we provide you (without tricks, without deception, without half-truths, without effects, without hidden charges, ...), so that these Timely Actions and better than anything, can talk about us as a Company and about the Security and Reliability that all our Management always e will transmit it to you.

To learn more about our Company, we invite you to click on the link NOSOTROS , and to learn more about our < b> WEB Tool for Self-Management of Consultation and Purchase of OFFERS of Travel and Tourism Products We invite you to click on the link Nuestro BOOKING

Our suggestions of destinations of the week !!!

If you don't already have a Preset Plan Where You Would Like to Travel, these Featured Destinations could be YOUR BEST STARTING POINT , also remember that you You can put in our TRAVEL Search , the name of the Continent , Region , Country or City of your greatest interest, and this will present all the Tourism alternatives that we have available there . Let us help you with YOUR BEST POSSIBLE DESTINATION !!!

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The Most Trapped Travel Experiences of the Week !!!

We present the TOP TEN of "SEASONAL CHOICES" of the Week " by our Dear " PERMANENT AMBASSADORS ". They are CIRCUITSs , < b> PACKAGES , EXCURSIONS , GETAWAYS or Combined "PLANE+HOTEL" that can be viewed and purchased directly by you from the Most of the countries in the world you visit us from. If for any reason you cannot view or buy them directly, please contact our Travel Makers team immediately by email "" or by our International Call Centers indicated at the bottom of the page, so that we can immediately provide you with all our assistance and possible solutions.

You can also search directly, many other "SEASON OFFERS" that we have in the hundreds of thousands of Tourist Destinations that we handle, being able to do all your Searches, Queries and Purchases directly by our Search for "SEASON OFFERS" in TRAVEL ; Combined “FLIGHTS+HOTEL" ”or "TRAIN+HOTEL”, as well as in COCHES (Rental Cars) , where we always know that You will get ... THE BEST OPPORTUNITY RATES FOR YOUR TRIP !!!



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"TRAVELER SENSE" Experiences

Get inspired by some of our + 3,600 Singular Experiences from "Trips with Meaning", which you can easily Consult and Acquire, filtering them by Continent, Country and even, by Category or Type of Activity Required . Enter now simply by clicking on the Banner below and ... LIVE NOW A RENEWING TRAVEL EXPERIENCE !!!

"MUCH + TOURISM" Concept

Get to know our 345.000 + Singular Experiences of Short and Medium Tours, Guided Tours, Preferential Tickets to Attractions and Events and countless Amazing Things to See or Do in the 5 Continents, which you can Easily Book and Buy or Mobile Device, which will allow you to purchase them with Anticipation or even already in Destination and "on the fly" (minimum 24 Hours before) for your convenience. We also have a Free Cancellation Policy up to 24 Hours before; 24/7 Multilingual Service and the World's Best Tourism Management Partner for it, with Millions of Opinions from Real Users of each of our Experiences. Come to know our Portfolio now by clicking on the Banner !!!

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Take advantage of them Now, or Explore Now the IDEAL OFFER we have for your DREAM ROUTE, by our Search Engine of FLIGHTS or TRAIN ROUTES !!!

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Explore here the NEGOTIATED OFFERS that made them SO ATTRACTIVE, or Discover Now THE PERFECT OPTION we have for your Accommodation needs by our APARTMENT FINDERS, HOTELS or SKI HOTELS to IRRESISTIBLE COST !!!




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