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Welcome to Tool No. 1 of Self-Management of Consultation and Purchase of TRAVEL and TOURISM Services around the world ...

where you as our "Permanent Ambassador", you can continue to enjoy Business Trips, Tourism or "Bleisure" absolutely Complete and Unique, as has been customary in these 20 Years together, and now, together with all our Management Partners Tourist, Technological and Administrative, we guarantee that they remain ... Even Much Better!

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This Self-Management Web Tool is available to communicate with you in up to 24 Languages for your convenience, and additionally it will provide to all those who make their Purchase of Services Exclusively for her, a modern Multi Language Support Service that works for you. 24 Hours of the 365 Days of the Year, in order to quickly and timely manage any of the Modification, Addition, Change or Cancellation needs that you may need.

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All the Services that we present to you, you can purchase through our Secure Payment Platform or POS (Virtual Point of Sale with 256 Bit Bank Encryption) in any of the + 60 Coins that we have pre-established for it, through of your Credit Cards, Debit or PayPal Balance; Also with Bank Income (Only for Users of Spain); or by Payfort - Pay @ home (Exclusively for our “Permanent Ambassadors” of Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates). You can also Pay by Transfers in Euros or Dollars in the cases that these are supported (request more information by E-Mail or by our International Call Centers before making any purchase).

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"" is a Luxury Travel and Tourism Services Company, owned by Grupo vKB, S.A. with 20 Years of History, of which its last 16 years have been as an “On Line” Travel and Tourism Agency. Since our beginnings as a Physical Agency, as in our facet "On Line", we have always moved the same concepts of Honesty, Quality, Simplification, Modernity and Singularity that we try to print to all our actions.

Without a doubt, this Self-Management Web Tool that you reached is one of the Most Complete and Modern in the World, and is absolutely focused on supplying and covering each and every one of your Travel needs, so it will always provide you with Second, the Best Offers and Promotions of each Season, be they for your Air or Train Tickets, your Arrival and / or Departure Transfers, your Car Rental Options, your Vacation, Ski or Business Accommodation alternatives, your alternatives of Tourism and Leisure Activities in Destination, and even if required, to offer you the most convenient Travel Cancellation Insurance (allow you to recover the amount of expenses caused by the Cancellation of your Reservation as long as the reasons for the they are contemplated in the policy) or the Combined with World Health Care (which allows to recover the amount of the expenses caused by the Cancellation of the Reserve, in addition to including go Medical Coverage, Baggage, Etc), so that you can always keep saying as until now: "At, I have it all, in one place, with the best professionals at my service and as always ... At the Best Possible Cost Guaranteed !!!

Our suggestions of destinations of the week !!!

If you do not have a Preset Plan where you would like to Travel, these Featured Destinations could be Your Best Starting Point, also remember that you can place in our [Travel] Finder, the name of the Continent, Region, Country or City of Your greatest interest, and this will present all the Tourism alternatives we have available there. Let us help you with Your Possible Destination !!!

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This was the Singular Selection of Offers in "Circuits", "Packages", Wired by "Plane + Hotel" or "Train + Hotel" which were the ones that most succeeded in pleasing and trapping the vast majority of our highly esteemed "Permanent Ambassadors "During the last week, which is why we highlight them, in case they could also be of your greatest interest. All may be Visualized and Purchased Directly by you, from most of the Countries of the World from where you visit us, but in the case that some could not be visualized or purchased directly, we want to clarify, that this could be due to some restriction that The "Direct Purchase" of this could put some Final Provider (Airlines, Transfer Companies, Hotels, Etc.), so only in that case, beg you to immediately contact our Travel Makers team by the E- mail "" or by our Call Centers indicated at the bottom of the page, to immediately be able to provide all our help, as well as the alternatives and facilities that we have available so that you can also acquire them if you wish, from your market specific, without major inconvenience. Also you can additionally search directly, many other Travel and Tourism Offers that we have in the hundreds of thousands of Tourist Destinations that we handle, being able to do all your searches and queries, directly by our [Travel] Searchers; [Flights + Hotel]; [Train + Hotel] or [Cars] (Rental Cars) where we always know you will get ... The Best Of Your Travel Options !!!

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"MUCH + TOURISM" Concept

Get to know our 250+ Singular Experiences of Short and Medium Tours, Guided Tours, Preferential Tickets to Attractions and Events and countless Amazing Things to See or Do in the 5 Continents, which you can easily book from any Fixed or Mobile Device, which will allow you to purchase them with Anticipation or even in Destination and "on the fly" (minimum 24 Hours before) for your convenience. We also have a Free Cancellation Policy up to 24 Hours before; 24/7 Multilingual Service and the Best Global Tourism Management Partner for it, with Millions of Opinions from Real Users of each of our Experiences. Come to know our Portfolio now by clicking on the Banner!

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